21 May 2013

A little piece of Heaven (& Earth)

MUA (Make Up Academy)’s Heaven & Earth Palette is, indeed, one of the diamonds as far as their palettes are concerned. 

This was the first “Naturals” Palette that MUA released; comprising 12 gorgeous shades in rich earthy tones that were sure to compliment any eye colour and it was, unsurprisingly, one of their best sellers. 

Top row, shades 1-3
Bottom row, shades 7-9

Top row, shades 4-6
Bottom row, shades 10-12
All of the shades have a degree of shimmer to them but the highlight shades are by far the most shimmery; the other shades range from the classic mid tones right through to shades that are perfect for contouring. 

The best thing about this palette is that the shades are all incredibly buildable and, as such, can be used to either give a light wash of colour on the lid or can be built up for a more sultry smoky eye. 

Recently this gem of palette has been rather eclipsed by its newer friends; The Undressed Palette and Undress Me Too.  These 2 palettes were, by far, 2 of the most eagerly awaited palettes from MUA as they are hailed as perfect dupes for Urban Decay’s Naked and Naked2 Palettes, but at fraction of the price. 

That said, there was a time when the Heaven & Earth palette was repeatedly sold out both in store and online and one of the most common questions I saw posted to MUA’s Twitter and Facebook feeds was “When will Heaven & Earth be back in stock?” 

I too have been guilty of neglecting Heaven & Earth in favour of the Undressed/Undress Me Too so, today when I was trying to decide what eye look I felt like, I “re-discovered” this little treasure tucked away in my eyeshadow draw and decided that it was time to bring it out and put it to good use. 

Looking at the palette this morning, I remembered why this was the must have palette at one point and, although I didn’t altogether know what look I was going to create today, I went with what felt right and I ended up with the following result:

The beauty of this look is, because it is designed for the colours to merge together, I only used 1 brush for entire thing (MUA’s E3 Blending & Shadow Brush) and achieved the look as follows:

  • Work shade 8 all over the eyelid, up to the crease (until desired colour intensity is reached)
  • Blend shade 10 through the crease and into the outer contour
  • Apply a small amount of shade 4 above the shade 10 and blend up towards the brow
  • Pop a small amount of shade 1 directly under the brow and in the inner corner of the eye
  • Finally blend the smallest amount of shade 6 over the eyelid to warm the look 
  • Line the top lash with a brown eyeliner (MUA do one that would be perfect, see here) and then, with whatever product is left on the brush, work it under the lower lashes 
  • Apply 2 coats of your favourite mascara/false lashes
  • Finish the look with a slick of white/neutral eyeliner on the waterline (I used MUA’s Intense Colour Eyeliner Pencil in Snow White)

After I posted the picture to my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook Pages I was really surprised at how many likes and positive comments I received.  I was also complimented on my “gorgeous eyes” today too!

Perhaps if you have a Heaven & Earth Palette in your collection that you may have been neglecting lately, go and find it and remind yourself just why it was, at one point, your must have palette!

Until next time, stay beautiful.
~ Gem x 

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