01 January 2013

Collection Glitter Gel Eyeliner Review

So, here's my first blog of 2013 and I'll start by wishing you all a happy, healthy and beautiful new year. 

I was out and about in town yesterday to kill some time before the Husband came home from work and, as is usual for me, I found myself in Superdrug wandering up and down the make up aisle, seeing if anything caught my eye.  

I got to the Collection (formerly Collection 2000) stand and was casting my eye over their mascaras when I noticed pretty glittery things out of the corner of my eye. I truly am magpie-like in my love for all things sparkly.  Upon closer inspection I learned that the item in question was "Glam Crystals Dazzling Gel Liner".  The particular branch I was in only had 6 tester shades, of which they had 5 in stock.  

I took a liking to 4 of the shades, but only 3 of them were in stock. I have subsequently ordered the other shade that I wanted from the Collection website.  I will say that the website colour guide & pictures do not fully showcase just how beautiful these liners are.  

There are, in total, 14 shades to chose from so there really is something for everyone. They are, on the Collection website, priced at £2.99 so are not expensive in the least.  You can see the full shade selection here

The shades I bought were: 
Shade 8 - Dancing Queen (Holographic Pink) 
Shade 9 - Pow! (Holographic Blue/Green)
Shade 10 - Retro Chic (Holographic Gold)

© Gemma Peters 2013
I don't normally bother with glitter liner as I find them really disappointing. They always offer so much promise when in their tubes but the actual glitter payoff when applied is completely different and, quite frankly, not worth while.  

When I saw these in store I couldn't help but notice how fantastically glittery they looked and vibrant too. I was prepared for disappointment but decided to swatch them anyway.  I was so impressed with the glitter payoff.  1 application gave a nice coverage, though still slightly sparse for my liking - however I thought this would be a good adhesive when I do a full glitter eye look.  I applied again and was so happy with the result.  

 © Gemma Peters 2013 
As you can see the gel itself is coloured too, which helps add to the colour intensity but, there is so much glitter in the gel, you can see it sparkle from the moment you apply it.  

It's also not one of those glitters that only looks shiny with a light directly on it, they are also super sparkly in natural light too.  

 © Gemma Peters 2013

I will definitely be getting more of these liners directly from Collection as, the one downside of this particular product, is that they are not security/sanitary sealed.  Therefore, buying directly from Collection I could, hopefully, guarantee that the items would not have been opened previously - a risk that I am clearly running by purchasing from a store.    

Until next time, stay beautiful.  

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