29 March 2012

First Look at FashionistA

Ok, so I am fibbing slightly about it being my "first" look because I already have one of their Magnetized Nail Polishes, but this is my first look at any of their face range.  

I have known of FashionistA for some time (even before I bought the nail varnish), but I had never tried any of their products.  

FashionistA isn't an expensive brand but, for me, the £4.00 that I would spend on one of their solo shadows, I could buy an entire 8 colour MUA Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palette! However, now that I have all of the MUA Palettes I didn't really have an excuse.  

I was having a mooch around Maidstone today and, as is expected (by myself if no one else) I had to go in Superdrug! 

Straight up the make up aisle having a child in a sweet shop moment, I saw the FashionistA stand and decided to have a closer look.  

From what I know of FashionistA they offer a range of solo eyeshadows and blushers which you can "pop" out of their casing to customize your ideal palette, which has room for 4 shadows.  

At £5.00 per empty palette and £4.00 for each eyeshadow/blush I had, as mentioned above, previously passed the FashionistA stand by, despite all of the beautiful colours trying to entice me.  Today however, I decided that I would finally buy at least 1 FashionistA eyeshadow. I then noticed that if you bought the palette and 4 solos to fill it you would save £9!, basically buying 3 solos for £12 and then getting the 4th and the palette free...well how could I possibly pass up such a bargain.  

Now was the difficult bit, deciding which shadows I was going to get...

I decided to opt for 3 eyeshadows to create my preferred dramatic, smokey eye and 1 blush, all to be housed in a shiny black palette with FashionistA written all over the lid in a matted black.

© Gemma Peters 2012
When looking for my shadows I was instantly drawn to the baked ones, which have swirls of glittery colours going through them, so I decided it had to be 3 of them.  

The first one I got, which will act as my highlighter is BELLA. A beautiful, shimmery white with swirls of iridescent white and bronze/gold through it.  This shadow is super shimmery and I can't wait to use it!

© Gemma Peters 2012

The next colour I went for was BEWITCHED, which is a gorgeous mid purple tone with dark purple, pink and silver swirled through it. 

© Gemma Peters 2012

The last eyeshadow I decided to get (today at least) is GLOBE, which is an almost Royal Blue, with light blue, silvers and the same gold/bronze from Bella swirled through it.  

© Gemma Peters 2012

All of the eyeshadows that I picked are super shimmery and, therefore, may not be to everyone's tastes but, that is the beauty of FashionistA; YOU decide what colours you have in there so there is no more buying a palette and only using a few of the colours.  

I decided to make my 4th shade one of their blushers.  I went with Shade 11, GLOWING as it's the one that I think will match my skin tone.  As a rule I use baked/mosaic blush because I find them more adaptive to my skin tone, so I am quite looking forward to seeing how this performs in comparison.  

© Gemma Peters 2012

I am pleased that I have finally bought some FashionistA make up as all I have ever heard about them has been good.  FashionistA is part of the fbBeauty Family and, being an avid lover of MUA, I am expecting great things! 

I swatched the testers of the shades I bought when I was in the store and even from the lightest of touch I ended up with a load of the product on my fingers so I feel that these are going to be real value for money! 

I will of course let you know how I get on when I use the products on my face. 

© Gemma Peters 2012

Until next time, stay beautiful.
Gem xx

Have you used any FashionistA products? 
Do you have a favourite FashionistA eyeshadow? 
Do you have any FashionistA "must buys"? 

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