03 March 2012

My First Vivo Experience

Ok, following on from yesterday's Vivo haul here is, as promised, my review from my first experience of using Vivo products.  

I decided that I was going to try out the baked blusher & baked bronzer.
©Gemma Peters, 2012
©Gemma Peters, 2012

The eyebrow kit. 
©Gemma Peters, 2012
©Gemma Peters, 2012

The Diamond Sparkle Lip Gloss in Candyfloss (the one in the middle of the picture).
©Gemma Peters, 2012

 The lengthening mascara (pictured on the left)
©Gemma Peters, 2012

And the Baked Shimmer Palette in "Chocolate Box".
©Gemma Peters, 2012

Once I'd applied my usual foundation and powder the first product I was ready for was the Baked Bronzer.  I had no idea how I expected this to turn out, but have only ever heard good things about them so my expectations were high.  

The shade I have is Shade 3, Healthy Glow - "A stunning bronzer with gold undertones that leave your complexion sun-kissed and gorgeous"
I started by applying the product to the apples of my cheeks and sweeping it up and over my cheekbones, continuing down my nose, across my forehead and lastly a dusting on my chin.  I wouldn't say that this particular shade left me "sun-kissed", but then I wouldn't call this a typical bronzer either.  

Unlike most bronzers which either leave you looking "dirty" or "tango'd" this particular one didn't.  I don't know if it's just because I picked a really light shade, but I wouldn't class it as a bronzer. It certainly does leave your skin with a beautiful, healthy glow and almost gives the very in vogue "dewy" look. I found this product more like "radiance in a pot". It really brightened my skin and left it looking luminous and beautiful, but not in the same way a highlighter would.  It wasn't as shimmery as a highlighter, as I said, it was more "dewy".  

If you are looking specifically for a bronzer that gives you that "sun-kissed" brown/dirty look then I wouldn't recommend this product.  If however you are looking for a product that can make even dull "winter skin" look luminous and beautiful, then this is the one.  

I can't remember the price (and have lost the receipt), but I think it was around £5.00. Normally I wouldn't consider paying that much for a "powder/bronzer" but, after just 1 use and seeing how good it made my skin look, I definitely think that this is going to become a firm addition to my make up kit. In the summer I may even try it without foundation as I imagine it will compliment naturally sun-kissed skin beautifully.
Next it was on to the Baked Blush in Shade 1, Peaches & Cream - "A stunning blush with pink undertones to give all over warmth and colour to your complexion". 

This blush went on really smoothly and the colour is extremely buildable.  I was really impressed with the amount of product that I picked up on my brush after just one swirl. It was the perfect amount to give a beautiful, natural wash of colour.  

The blush is "shimmery" without being shiny and, combined with the bronzer, really gave my skin a healthy glow.  Perfect for combating winter skin dullness.  

I'm not sure if I would go out of my way to buy this blush again, purely because I do have a multi-tonal blush that I use on a daily basis and it suits my skin perfectly and is well within my budget.  However, if I were in Tesco and had a few spare pennies after buying the bronzer then I think the blush may well find it's way into my shopping basket.  

The next product to be put through it's paces was the Baked Shimmer Palette in Chocolate Box - "A specially baked formula enriched with high pigment colours for stunning eyes. Transform your eyes with this delicious array of eyeshadows baked into swirls of rich indulgent colours; sparkled with metallic silvers and golds that will add a touch of glamour to any occasion" (Complete with baked blusher to compliment any complexion).  

I didn't bother to swatch these colours before using them, instead I just jumped straight in and put them on my eyes. Thankfully I wasn't disappointed.  

I put "shade 1" (next to the blush) on my eyelid, "shade 2" was used to line my upper and lower lash lines, "shade 3" was put in my socket and "shade 4" was used just past shade 3 to blend the look together.  

These eyeshadows are so unbelievably lightweight. They practically glide onto the skin and blend/build incredibly easily.  The pigmentation is also wonderful and, due to the "marbled" effect, the colours are multi-tonal and catch the light beautifully.  I actually noticed a change in the socket colour when in my bedroom in natural, quite dark lighting and in the bathroom in bright artificial light.  In my bedroom the colour looked a darker brown, but in the artificial light (and perhaps with the aid of "shade 4") it took on a brown/mauve colour and looked really pretty with the rest of the eye make up.  

I do love the look of these eyeshadows and think the quality of them is great.  However, again, I am not sure that I would go out of my way to make sure I could buy them again as I do have plenty of eyeshadows from my "go to" brand that I love equally as much and that perform just as well for a fraction of the cost. 

After finishing with the eyeshadow it was on to the Lengthening Mascara - "Transforms lashes with dramatic effect". 

I was really looking forward to using the Lengthening Mascara as, after having a sneak peek yesterday, it looked really fibrous so I was expecting good things!

I am currently on a quest to find my "Ultimate Mascara" (see my video here) so thought I would kick the quest off with this mascara.  

I have to say that, for a mascara that boasts "dramatic effect" I was disappointed.  I don't think that my lashes looked all that much longer and were certainly not dramatically transformed.  

However, that said, this mascara coated my lashes beautifully with one stroke of the wand and didn't clump after 2 coats (without combing).  It did give lovely separation and definition of the lashes but not the length that I was hoping for after reading it's description.  

I wouldn't buy this particular mascara again but, if anyone out there is after a good all rounder of a mascara that will stay put all day, won't flake, won't clump but will provide good coverage and definition to the lashes then this may be the one for you.  I am still to try the volume mascara offering so who knows, maybe that will make it to my "Ultimate Mascara" Shortlist.   

To finish my eyes it was on to the Ultimate Brow & Eye Kit - "Work wonders with this exclusive Brow and Eye Kit that will add contour and definition to frame eyes perfectly for a professional look. Complete with a lightweight gel that will fix brows in place all day long".  

I decided to use my own angle brush, rather than the one provided with the kit (as this is too soft for my liking).  

I swept the "highlighter" shade under my brow to start with and then filled in with the mid shade.  To add definition I defined the edges with the darker shade.  I didn't use the brow gel this time around.  

I was pleased with the colour payout, blendability and longevity of this product.  I have been wearing it all day and it hasn't smudged or faded at all.  

I probably will be buying this product again as I like to switch between brow products (depending on the look I want to achieve) so it would be nice to have a product that I know I can depend on to give a natural finish that stays put all day.  

©Gemma Peters, 2012
©Gemma Peters, 2012

To complete the look I decided to use the Diamond Sparkle Lip Gloss in Shade 1, Candy Floss - "A colour intense formula with brush applicator that gives lips instant vibrancy and sparkle for a full and even coverage". 

Now, anyone who knows me will know that I am like a magpie for all things sparkly, which is the only reason I was so attracted to these lip glosses.  

After giving the tube quite a squeeze to get the product flowing I was really pleased with the coverage from just a small amount.  The gloss itself didn't feel too sticky or gloopy when on and didn't leave your lips with that "just fallen in a vat of syrup" feeling.  

Candy Floss is a really pretty, light pink and the gloss itself has a really nice shine. The glitter in this gloss though is amazing and really makes the lips sparkle - it catches the light like a mirrorball! 

I should think I will be buying the lipgloss again, mostly for the glittery shine that it can offer and then for the colour. 
©Gemma Peters, 2012
Overall I am pleased with my 1st Vivo experience and I do like the products however, I will mostly be sticking with my trusted "go to" brand for my day to day make up and my quest to find my "Ultimate Mascara" continues... 

Until next time, stay beautiful.
Gem xx

Have you used any Vivo products? 
If so, what are your faves? 
Do you have any Vivo "must buys"? 

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