03 March 2012

My VIVO Cosmetics Haul

Hi all and welcome to the first installment on my brand spanking new Make Up Blog! *woohoo* 
Today I finally managed to find a Tesco store relatively close to me that stocks the Vivo range of cosmetics.  

I have known about Vivo for some time and have been very keen to try their stuff, especially their baked blushers, baked bronzers and eyeshadows, but I have never been able to find a Tesco within a 30 mile radius that stocks it.  

Last weekend when I was doing a bridal make up trial the bride asked me if I could apply false eyelashes for her and I agreed. When she presented me with a box of Vivo lashes I couldn't hide my excitement and it was her that told me that her local Tesco (about 20 minutes from me) stocks Vivo!! 

I decided to wait until today to go and check the stock out and when I got there I had a real "kid in a candy store" moment.  There were baked blushers and baked bronzers, eyeshadow galore, lipstick & glosses, false eyelashes, mascaras, eyeliners, BB Cream (gutted they didn't have any in my shade!), and more besides.  

15 minutes and just over £30.00 later I now have quite a nice Vivo collection to be getting on with.  

I have done a video today of my haul (click link to view).  I have also taken several photographs, but will save them until I do my actual review but, in the meantime, here is a photo of my little collection: 

© Gemma Peters 2012
I purchased the following: 
  • Baked Blush - Shade 1, Peaches & Cream
  • Baked Bronze - Shade 3, Healthy Glow
  • Diamond Sparkle Lip Gloss - Shade 1, Candy Floss 
  • Diamond Sparkle Lip Gloss - Shade 2, Summer Fruits 
  • Diamond Sparkle Lip Gloss - Shade 3, Sheer Spice 
  • Volume Mascara - Brown/Black
  • Lengthening Mascara - Black 
  • Trio Eyeshadow Palette - Be-Dazzled 
  • Ultimate Brow & Eye Kit 
  • Baked Shimmer Palette - Paparazzi 
  • Baked Shimmer Palette - Chocolate Box 

Some of the products seemed a little pricey for what they are and if it were my "daily use" brand I'm not sure I would want to be paying some of the prices.  However, if these products live up to the reputation that goes along with the Vivo/fbBeauty name then perhaps I can widen my make up allowance each month to include a couple of Vivo products...

I can't wait to get to use the products and will probably have a play with some of them over the weekend.  I will of course let you all know how I get on.  

Until next time, stay beautiful.
Gem xx

Have you used any Vivo products? 
If so, what are your faves? 
Do you have any Vivo "must buys"? 

All of the views expressed within this blog are mine and mine alone.  
I am in no way affiliated with Vivo or fbBeauty or any of it's employees. 
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