12 April 2013

Here's LOOK(ing) at You

Today's post is all about nails; specifically Look Beauty!  

I have been playing with their "Winter Brights" Nail Varnish set which contains 3 gorgeously bright polishes; the pink is Shade 22 Prom, Shade 9 Fluro is the orange and Shade 3 Flare is the purple. The fourth shade is Shade 24 Sequin Effect.  

© Gemma Peters - Make-Up Artist 2013
The set is available to buy from their website and retails for £12.00. 

The set is described as follows: 
"Winter is the perfect season to add some colour intensity to your nails and cast away those winter blues. This collection also contains an amazing top coat that transforms any shade into a gorgeously sparkling sequin effect - genius!"

© Gemma Peters - Make-Up Artist 2013
I completely agree with the description. This winter has been especially long and hard, so I am always looking for ways to inject a little colour into my day, either with bright nail colours or through the medium of make up.  

I think that bright nails look good at any time of year though. In winter they can brighten your mood; through Spring and Summer it's great to have bright, happy colours to match the weather (hopefully the "Great British Weather" will join in with Summer this year) and in Autumn, I especially love bright oranges, golds and greens.  

© Gemma Peters - Make-Up Artist 2013
I couldn't decide which of these 3 beautiful colours to use so, you probably guess, I decided to use all 3 in an alternating fashion and use the sequin effect polish to accent the ring finger on each hand.  

This is the first time that I have used Look's Nail Pop and I really was very pleased with the coverage.  1 coat of these polishes is more than sufficient to give a perfect, full cover of colour to the nail. The formula goes on smoothly and doesn't have that "sticky" feeling at application.  It also dries very quickly to a glossy, rock hard finish.  

© Gemma Peters - Make-Up Artist 2013

I did apply a second coat of colour to my nails but, in no way, was this needed; it was purely through personal preference

Once I had given the colours sufficient time to dry I went on to apply the sequin top coat.  I love this top coat.  It has a generous amount of green/holographic glitter shards (of different sizes) and applies as well as the colours in the kit.  

When the top coat had had the time to dry it reminded me of an Opal Stone; the way the glitter catches the light and the colours dance is stunning.  I can't wait to try it over different shades of polish.  

The photo doesn't do the top coat the justice it deserves, but I hope you can get an idea of how pretty it is. 

© Gemma Peters - Make-Up Artist 2013
After trying this kit I'll definitely be getting myself a few of the other kits; I rather fancy the look of the "Glitz and Glam" kit and the limited edition single Nail Pop in "Cool Britannia". 

Until next time, 
Stay Beautiful ~ Gem x

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