29 April 2013

Social Media

Not all of you know, but I have a Facebook Page.  I post General Looks, Face of The Day Tutorials and I am currently holding a giveaway.  When the page gets to 500 likes I will be choosing 1 lucky person to win a fabulous bundle of make up, fragrance and brushes (as mentioned in The Brush Blog).  

My Website is pretty much what you can expect from a Make Up Artist.  But my Face of The Day Page is a little different to most.  I post a photo there of the make up that I am wearing that day, together with a full breakdown of all products used.  

I also have a Twitter, Pintrest and Instagram.  

On a less make up related note, I also run another Blog alongside this one, it's called Life, Love and Everything In Between.  It's a personal blog about being a mummy & wife, living with a Chronic Illness (or few) and trying to maintain a balance and not lose my sense of self.  

Until next time, stay beautiful, 
~ Gem xx

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