27 April 2013

They're more like Guidelines...

I don’t like to moan in my Blog but, recently, I have been seeing the same things on an almost daily basis and it’s really started to annoy me.  I promise I’ll try and keep the ranting to a minimum; I’m actually doing this to try and help others.

Google, YouTube, Facebook, the internet in general is full of “gurus” in certain subjects and, of course, makeup is no exception. 

I don’t class myself as a guru, or even an expert (I'm just a Make Up Artist who is passionate about her field of work) but, that said, I do offer tutorials as part of my service and I also do mini tutorials on my Facebook Page on how to achieve the eye look in my Face of The Day pictures. 

One thing that I always say, be it in blogs, YouTube videos, or even when I am doing a one-to-one make up lesson is that this is my way of doing things.  Time and time again, I say that, just because something works for one person, it doesn’t mean it will work for another; this can be from what foundation I use, through to how I apply eyeshadows, in what order I apply face products, etc. 

I see so many “how-to” videos, pictorials, blogs, etc., that don’t ever say that they are Guidelines.  For example, the highlighting and contouring which is growing ever more popular, I see countless videos and pictures on that but none of them ever take skin type (or personal preference) into consideration. 

A lot of the guides (and that is what they are, regardless of whether or not they admit it!) say that you should put highlighter in the center of your forehead and on your chin. Really?! I have quite an oily forehead and chin, and these are always the places that show up any shine first – as a result of which I tend to powder them within an inch of their lives whenever I apply my make up so why would I want to make them look shiny again? I do, sometimes, apply a slightly shimmery bronzer for a sun kissed glow, but never a highlighter.  This is what I mean, take all of these “how-to’s” with a pinch of salt and adapt them to suit you.

Most Make Up Artists will tell you that they adapt the techniques they are taught in order to suit them, their working style and what is comfortable for them too.  Most Make Up Artists stand to do make up on their Clients but I know of some that actually sit down to apply make up.  I can’t sit to apply make up to others but I have a stool that I always take with me on jobs (unless it’s on location) because it is height adjustable and, therefore, makes my job easier. 

As I said in my Brush Blog, there are no set rules for applying make up, contrary to what others might have you believe.  Make up is all about experimentation, pushing the boundaries and finding what suits you – this is the only way you can achieve great results; whether as a Make Up Artist or as an individual.

Another thing that really grinds my gears is the misconception that expensive is better.  There are certain “gurus” (I actually hate that word) that only ever use high end brands, mostly MAC and every brush is MAC or something equally expensive. 

Well, good for them! They obviously have the money to spend on expensive products and expensive brushes and, I am sure, that some of them do get products sent to them (not that they ever admit it) but what about the people that can’t afford to pay £16 for 1 eyeshadow or £24 for 1 brush?

Wherever possible I will always use Drugstore Brands, and this includes my brushes (again, see The Brush Blog).  The whole reason behind my doing tutorials is so that people can recreate them and I appreciate that not everyone can afford to buy the expensive brands and, more to the point, the Drugstore Brands are, as a rule, much more easily accessible too.   

There are so many brands in the likes of Superdrug that are much cheaper than the high end brands but they still perform just as well (if not better in some cases) so, just because something might cost a lot of money, it doesn’t mean that it is the best one tobuy.

For example, MUA (Make Up Academy) do 2 palettes (Undressed and Undress Me Too) which have been blogged about as being perfect dupes for Urban Decay’s Naked and Naked2 palettes.  I can’t comment on how good (or bad) UD’s products are as I have never used them.  However, I will say that, from the blogs I have seen relating to these palettes, the MUA ones look just as good as their high end competitors, but they are 9 times cheaper; MUA’s palettes retail at £4.00, Urban Decay’s Naked Palettes retail at £37.50. 

People have said to me “but if you had the money to spend on Department Store make up you wouldn’t buy Drugstore any more”. That is absolute rubbish! I love nothing more than value for money. I know that, from experience, if I went out and spent, for example, £50.00 on make up and only had 2 products to show for it, I would be really quite disappointed, regardless of how much money I may have at my disposal.  For £50.00 I would expect to have, at least, enough products to do an entire face look!

I love Drugstore Brands, I always have and I always will.  There are some that I don’t think very much of but then there are others that I absolutely love; the same goes for the high end products (although I have tried significantly fewer of them than the Drugstore Brands), there are some that I love, like Benefit’s Hello Flawless Foundation and there are some that I think are the biggest rip off going. 

On closing:
* Take everything in “how-to’s”as Guidelines; try it, practice it, develop your technique
* Just because something is expensive, it doesn’t mean it is best. Read comparison blogs, shop within your means and don’t be afraid to say that you love drugstore brands!
* As always, everything in this blog, is what I think and the views are mine and mine alone – just because this is what I think, doesn’t mean I’m right or that you have to agree with me (see, I’m not afraid to say it)

Until next time,stay beautiful
~ Gem xx

All of the views expressed within this blog are mine and mine alone
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