05 April 2013

My Personal Travelling Kit

I have been asked before how I decide what Make Up to take with me when I go away for the night/for a few days.  

I will be totally honest, I find it a complete nightmare!! When I am at home I have the choice of my full kit and full set of brushes but, if I am away for an evening or, like the last few days, staying with family, I can't very well take my entire Make Up Kit and all of my brushes...well I suppose I could, but there wouldn't be much room for anything else, including myself and my little boy! 

When my Mum invited us down to stay for a couple of days the age old question of "what make up" raised it's head.  The products I take are my favourites for that time but they always have one thing in common - they are products that I know I can always rely on for performance and they tend to be quite easy to work with too. 

With regard to my brushes, even when I am at home, I have a certain few face brushes that I always use and, for general day to day looks, a few certain eye brushes, so these are the ones I take with me.  I'll deal with brushes first and do a little explanation as to why I choose these particular brushes.   

© Gemma Peters - Make- Up Artist 2013 
My must have face brush (at the moment at least) is my Sigma f82 Round Top Kabuki. I use this brush for all of my foundations, whether liquid, cream to powder, mousse, etc. It really does give the look of "dream skin" whether using the more expensive, high end foundations or the cheap drugstore brands. 

The next brush is my Bdellium Tools 955 Finishing and Blending Face Brush. This is my powder brush. I use this with both pressed powder and loose powder and it delivers consistently.  It blends all powder in really well and, at the same time, it prevents streaking and lines when using loose powder. 

The brush I use for applying Blusher is a MAC 187 Duo Fibre Brush. This is personal preference for me as, like the Bdellium, I find it applies products effortlessly and evenly and stops the appearance of streaking, etc. 

I've recently started using angle brushes for applying my contour bronzer and highlighters. The one with the red handle is from part of a generic brand-less set. The other one I use is Make Up Academy MUA's F6 Blusher & Contouring Brush.  I must say that, for a cheaper brush, I am beyond impressed with just how well this brush performs.  I will be adding many more of the MUA Brushes to my collection in due course.  

© Gemma Peters - Make- Up Artist 2013 
Moving on to the brushes I use for applying my eye make up. As you can tell from the picture, the majority of these brushes are from the same brand-less set as the angle brush above, however, they do the job for which they were intended and, regardless of brand (or lack there of), these are the brushes that I would recommend to anyone who wanted a basic set of brushes with endless possibilities.  

From l-r:
The first 4 brushes are flat eyeshadow brushes of varying lengths and width.  A selection of eyeshadow brushes really should be a must have for anyone. These brushes are designed to apply all manner of products, ranging from the "traditional" pressed eyeshadow, through to the cremes and loose pigments that are now available.  Obviously you would use the larger brushes if you were wanting to cover a larger area; for example applying your base shadow, and then use the smaller brushes for applying product to the tear ducts, creating lines, etc. 

The next 2 must have brushes are angle brushes; known also as crease brushes, contour brushes, slanted brushes, etc. These little beauties are fantastic for applying colour into the crease of your eye and can also be used to line the upper/lower lashes with colour too.  

The brush next to them (Make Up Academy MUA's E7 Eyebrow Brush) can also be used for creating a more precise line along the top or bottom lashes.  However, as it's name might suggest, this brush is designed for eyebrow work.  Whereas some people may not need to fill/define their brows, I am one who, until such time as I can afford to get them done by a Semi-Permanent Make Up Artist, will continue to apply my brows on a daily basis.  

Ever since I was 17 and had someone be more than a little over zealous with the tweezers, my eyebrows have been pretty much non-existent. I do have some hair there, but no where near enough for me to do a full face of make up and leave the brows undone; perhaps if I were going for an alien look it would work.  

Over the years I have changed style of brows and also my technique for applying them.  I have done the hideous "sperm brow" in the past; you know the one, with a little bulb near your nose and then just a line. Thankfully, with age and experience, some wisdom has crept in and I now have a fuller, shaped brow. 

I have 2 main techniques for doing my brows but, in both, the E7 is always paramount to achieving the groomed look. It helps to apply products in a beautiful, sharp line and, therefore, delivers the perfect definition that I like for my eyebrow look. This brush can also be used to "draw" the thinner, more natural, brush stroke lines, as well as being able to blend powder and pencil alike to fill the brows in.  

If you do fill/define your brows then, for £1.50, this really must be a brush that is in your collection.  

Lastly, the ultimate brushes for your kit; the brush that all Make Up Artists love and use regularly; and a brush that I am always mentioning: "The Fluffy Brush"; aka blending brush, shading brush, etc. I have, no word of a lie, at least 10 of these in my kit; all of varying thickness, length, fibre, etc.  The 2 pictured are Make Up Academy MUA's E3 Blending and Shading Brush

These brushes can be used for all manner of application but, primarily, again as the name might suggest, they are blending brushes. They ensure that your looks blend seamlessly together and that there are no harsh lines of colour, etc to ruin your look.  The MUA ones are just £1.95 each so, if you are unsure of how best to use these brushes, then perhaps buy one of the MUA ones (the price in no way reflects the quality of these brushes) and practice. 

With regard to products, I will post the pictures together with a list of what they are. Where I think necessary, I will post a short explanation as to my choice: 

© Gemma Peters - Make- Up Artist 2013 

Working from l-r; t-b: 
* Make Up Academy MUA Undress Your Skin Illuminating Foundation - Porcelain 
* Make Up Academy MUA Eyebrow Pencil - Brunette 
* Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Your Skin Makeup - 1000-05 Ecru Beige 
* Accessorize Collagen Mascara - Black 
* L'Oreal False Lash Telescopic Mascara - Black 
* Make Up Academy MUA Every Lash Mascara - Black 
* Make Up Academy MUA Cover & Conceal Concealer - Natural 
* Make Up Academy MUA Intense Colour Eyeliner Pencil 
* Make Up Academy "Power Pout" Colour Intense Tint & Balm - all shades 

Most the items above speak for themselves.  I like to have an Illuminating/Brightening Foundation to help perk my skin up if, for whatever reason, I don't get much sleep.  I also always have a full coverage, more matte finish foundation too.

I like to have a selection of mascaras with me, I never really know what eye look I want to achieve until such time as I am actually applying the Make Up. 

I tend to only take 1 concealer with me and it always one that I know offers a full coverage and isn't drying or harsh to the skin.  The Cover & Conceal is a liquid concealer with s soft sponge tip applicator.  

With regard to my particular choice of lip colour; my current favourites are MUA's new "Power Pout".  They are a wind up pencil, the bullet of which is an intense colour stain and nourishing, minty balm in one.  The colour glides on smoothly and without any dragging; it is also incredibly buildable; 1 coat gives a sheer wash of glossy colour, but you can intensify the colour by applying a coat or 2 more as desired, all the time the product maintains the glossy finish but does not leave your lips feeling caked in product.  The balm has a minty fragrance and you can feel the cooling sensation on your lips but it is in no way an unpleasant feeling.  The Power Pouts, together with all of the other Make Up Academy MUA products can be found over on their website

© Gemma Peters - Make- Up Artist 2013 
* Famous Cosmetics "The Zebra Palette"
* Make Up Academy MUA Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlighter 
* Make Up Academy MUA Matte Perfect Loose Powder - Translucent 
* Make Up Academy MUA Pro-Base Complexion Kit - Ivory 
* Famous Cosmetics First Date Blush - Scarlett 
* Make Up Academy MUA Bronzed Perfection 
* Make Up Academy MUA "Undress Me Too" Palette 
* Make Up Academy MUA Shimmer Kisses Bronzer - Bronzed Shimmer Kiss 
* Famous Cosmetics No Shine Face Powder - Saturday Night
* Kryolan for GlossyBox Blusher - Glossy Rosewood 
* Vivo Ultimate Brow & Eye Kit 
* Make Up Academy MUA Professional Primer 
* NYX Eyeshadow Base - White 

With regard to The Zebra Palette and Undress Me Too, I always like to have a variety of eyeshadows with me, without feeling bogged down with loads of different palettes.  The Zebra Palette offers a variety of shadow colours (together with a pressed powder, a bronzer and 3 shades of blush), ranging from the neutrals, through to the classic grey/black smokey eye colours.  Undress Me Too was a necessity for me because, if all else fails, a classic neutral eye make up; or even the more earthy colours for a smokey eye always deliver.  

Similar to my choice of Illuminating Foundation, I like to bring at least 1 highlighter with me to help add that extra glow to my skin. The Shimmer Kisses Bronzer is a highlighting bronzer and the Complexion Kit contains a cream highlighter.  

The Complexion Kit is a quick and easy 3-in-1 face kit.  It contains a cream to powder foundation, a concealer and a cream highlighter.  

I always take my Bronzed Perfection with me, even if I don't use it.  It is the only matte bronzer I have found that I can use for contouring without looking like I've been licked by the Tango Man! It is a very buildable colour and suits all skin tones, ranging from my fair tones through to the darker tones.  

I'll always take a face primer with me and, usually, an eye primer/eyeshadow base too. I rather like the NYX one at the moment, it applies really nicely (I use my finger) and forms a lovely sticky base for eyeshadows to cling onto.  

I hope this answers the "what make up do you take with you" question and also helps anyone who may be wondering what brushes to have for personal use/as a starting point.  

If you want to know anything else, please leave a comment.  

Until next time, stay beautiful 
~ Gem xx

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